7 Secrets to Saving Your Marriage

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  • How to rebuild trust, respect and passion
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  • How to get over past hurt and resentment
  • How to motivate your spouse to change
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Do you want to save your marriage from divorce and increase your love, happiness and passion in the next 30 days?

75% of people report that they are worse off or even divorced after traditional marriage counselling. DO NOT be a statistic. DO NOT waste your time, energy and money on revisiting past hurt and learning how to accept your lover’s feelings, only to find out that you are no closer to saving your marriage.

Here are some facts you might like to consider before you hire a couples relationship counsellor:

  • You cannot talk your husband or wife in to your way of thinking

  • You cannot solve problems by dragging them up and hashing them out again and again

  • You cannot save a marriage and stop divorce by improving your communication and listening skills alone.

Instead you need an action program that gets results by focusing on steps towards creating more love, happiness and excitement, whilst also focuses on letting go of any past hurt, resentment or anger. Lastly you need to create a new shared meaning, vision and a future to look forward to.


I'm Nicola Beer and through the Save My Marriage program, I have helped hundreds of couples revive their marriage and become closer than ever before. Couples who are on the brink of divorce, couples who have lost all hope and couples that have tried marriage counselling sessions several times before which did not work have had great success with my program. You can also get your marriage back on track by taking one significant step towards this goal today. If you want to be sure you get the help you need to save and restore your marriage, book your FREE Save My Marriage Consultation with me.

Before you read any more, check the list below to make sure it is right for YOU.

This Save My Marriage Program is ideal for you if you are suffering from:  

The threat of divorce


Broken trust


Poor communication

Disagreements over money

Lack of emotional support

A stubborn or easily angered spouse

No sex

Lack of appreciation

If you any of the above are true, then the Save My Marriage program is going to allow you to take the steps to transform your marriage. Don’t worry if they “want to leave” or they “do not love you anymore” none of this matters if you are willing to take action. If you want to stop divorce and your lover’s rejection, I have a range of options for you.

Why do I believe I can help you?

Because I have worked with hundreds of men and woman in your situation and 98% of these couples are back to being happily in love.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here what other's have said

"We tried to solve all of our issues on our own for a few weeks, but it didn't work, we kept having the same issues come up time and time again. Traditional marriage counselling in London where we live, was pushing us further apart.
At first, my husband was reluctant because he has no free time and he was convinced couples counseling doesn't work, but we both knew something had to change. Things have been going great since we made the commitment to implementing the 10 key principles as Nicola describes in the audios. We've become closer, laugh and chat again like we did when we first met."

Name: Anna
Location: Surrey, London

To discuss whether the save my marriage program is right for you click here to book your Free Save My marriage Consultation



Or to find out more about the online program for couples who want to work at the marriage together at their own pace


"Before I started working with Nicola, I was extremely unhappy about my marriage and my life at home in general. The most difficult part was the lack of closeness in the marriage....If I had continued down the path I was on I would have left the marriage, my family, friends, and community. The thing about Nicola is that she is warm, kind, understanding, compassionate, and creates a safe environment to share your most personal and guarded challenges.

My biggest insight or lesson learned during our coaching was how I can live a life by design, and instead of dragging myself down by the things that frustrate me...

Name: Avrohom G.
Location: Spring Valley, New York






Click below to book your free save my marriage consultation today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Or to find out more about the online program for couples who want to work at the marriage together at their own pace



"Nicola, I still can't believe how happy and close we have become since your program. You saved my marriage and prevented our children from having divorced parents. As you know, I turned to you as a last resort after marriage counselling was making things worse. Before we kept bringing up our past issues and felt more annoyed and angrier after each session. Your program taught me how to actually change things rather than just talking about the problems. I followed your program and watched my husband completely change in a matter of weeks. So grateful, I know I thanked you at the time, but it's 6 months on and we're the happiest we have ever been."

Name: Donna
Location: United Kingdom

Don't wait for time to save your marriage book your free save my marriage consultation today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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Meet Nicola

Nicola Beer is a leading authority  on how to save your marriage and a international best-selling author in 4 books and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Network and Wall Street Select. She works with individuals from all over the world to single-handedly transform their marital situation, as well as with couples in her 10 step proven program that helps couples increase the love, passion and happiness in their marriage in 30 days or less...Guaranteed! (see guarantee for details)


People from all over the world schedule private skype sessions with Nicola Beer or seek her counsel by joining one of her group programs. Thousands of people also tune in to Nicola's audio podcast shows available here and on Itunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud - just search "Nicola Beer' to find them. Thousands also get FREE advice by downloading her Quiz   Can My Marriage be Saved?  or signing up for the 7 secrets to saving your marriage see above.


Nicola watched her parent's marriage crumble and experienced firsthand the pain, frustration and stress of 10 years of bitter fighting, followed by divorce and is passionate about helping save marriages and stop divorce. Only if divorce has already been decided does Nicola help support individuals and their children to get through as pain-less and stress-free as possible.  


Nicola's approach is different to traditional marriage counseling, she doesn't believe going over past pain, focusing on the negative or struggles a couple have had helps them to move forward. Instead her 10 step proven system takes couples from where they are now and where they want to be in record time. She is famous for helping men and women do this single-handedly with or without their spouse joining and guarantees to increase in love and happiness within 30 days or less.


Nicola Beer is from the UK and has lived as an expat the past 10 years in Dubai, Middle East and travels extensively, where she get's to work with people from a wide range of religious, cultural and social backgrounds. She loves to dance, hike, cook and swim in her spare time.