How to Save a Marriage With An Emotionally Distant Spouse

You might have heard the saying: “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it was meant to be.” This is one of the fundamental truths about relationships and it is the KEY to saving your marriage.

Many clients start my online group program on their own. Their spouse not willing to be part of that journey. I am sure you know that feeling, wanting to change your relationship and the one person that is supposed to be there with you to change it, is withdrawn, aggressive or numb to your efforts. You are not alone if you are experiencing this.

I’ll be honest with you trying to save your marriage on your own is difficult but NEVER impossible. You are half of everything that is important in this equation. Your change can bring about their change and you will get your friend and partner back.

How…? you ask. How do you get your partner to change…?

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