Warning. This Message is Deep

When I sat in silence this morning, thinking about what I am most grateful for… it is YOU.

I feel blessed to have this connection with you today, as just by you reading this you are supporting me to be me.

Thanks to YOU I am able to truly be myself and do what I love.

Which is such a gift. No more pretence, no more  striving to be like someone else or get what they have, no more trying to acquire more and more things – in the false pursuit of happiness.

I don’t about you but I’m sick and tired of frequently hearing that we need to have, want and get more and more things to feel good. It’s an illusion.
This path led me to stress, anger, addictive patterns, jealousy, fear of not being good enough, self-hate…  It was lonely and cost me some relationships, as I focused on achieving and getting things.

Then I woke up, all that I thought mattered didn’t and all I thought I was too busy to do was actually the real way to living life fully.

I had it all wrong.

The love, peace and happiness isn’t something you go out to get, it is within you all the time. We just have to tap into it.

Unconditional love is at the core of your being.

You are love itself.

So today, as you reflect on what you are grateful for, my wish for you is to love yourself and be grateful for you. Your energy, spirit, soul, body, mind – your whole self.
The love  inside of us never stops. Our body breathes for us, digests our food miraculously, in fact the body is just amazing isn’t, when you think about how it works and functions. It’s a mystery how it does everything it does. Then our beautiful  mind and the ability to choose our thoughts, what we focus on, is so powerful.

Then we have our emotions. Love all your emotions. They enable us to navigate life to know if we are on or off track, they let us know when we need to stop or change something. When we get sad, fearful, angry, we can use the emotion to grow, to learn or change something that isn’t serving us.

So whatever you are going through right now, whatever you are doing this week and weekend. Give yourself the gift of your own love.

Ask yourself “what do I love about me? admire about me? what can I celebrate about me?

Tell and praise yourself..

Is this a struggle for you? It was for me. I used to think nothing. I don’t love anything about me in my lowest points. Even when I was happier  I thought loving myself was hard, impossible and difficult.


It is only hard if you are judging yourself, or comparing yourself to the demands and expectations of others or the limits you impose on yourself…
if you are caught in the trap “I’ll only love myself when… I’m thinner, richer, smarter, better…”  OR “I will be happy when I’m fitter, have a property, new car, new job, new relationship”


Know you are already enough, know you have everything you need to be happy, to feel love.

Forget everything you think you need to acquire or get that will make you happier

START NOW to Love yourself wholly.

Love every part of you.

Love your imperfections, your vulnerabilities and your dark side.

We all have them.

Love is freedom, it can set you free from struggle, pain and stress.

Tap into your unconditional love today

Do something loving for yourself

Be fulfilled with who you are and what you have and that is love.

The truth is, your body loves you unconditionally all the time, just by operating and who guides our body?

Who knows? I choose to believe it is Love

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this and being part of my journey, Do something Loving today for you. Nurture yourself you deserve it,

From my heart to yours, Nicola

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