8 Secrets For Women to Have a Thriving Business and Marriage

Being an entrepreneur or an executive creates challenges to maintaining a romantic relationship. I have recently hit my six-year mark as entrepreneur of a ‘relationship saving, and divorce support’ practice. A frequent issue I hear is how to maintain and achieve a successful relationship whilst running your own business or, being a senior executive in someone else’s.

As business women we are unique people.  We find it difficult to detach ourselves from the business tasks that we are faced with and are constantly thinking of what we can do next. Our businesses can become our babies and therefore are often intrinsically linked with our own happiness. Maintaining a connection with your partner can be extremely difficult but essential for your relationship and business life to thrive. Just as it takes action’s to save a marriage not talking over problems, the same is true when it comes to having a close, and fulfilling relationship. We must act. As February is the month of love, here are a few tips to keep that closeness.

  1. Set boundaries around your level of commitment

Be as open and honest with your partner about what your commitments are upfront to lessen the chance of disagreements or arguments.

  1. Involve your partner

Use the vision and mission statement on your partner in the same way you would to attract clients or endorse business investments. If possible ask your partner to do some of the work for you so they feel part of it. The more they do, the more invested they will be and let’s face it, every man likes to be asked their opinion. Use them as a sounding board for decisions you need to make.

  1. Maintain other interests

Of course, you will be excited and passionate about your ideas as this is what motivated you in the first instance. However, it’s really important to keep up with hobbies or interests as otherwise your sole conversation will revolve around your work, which is not always too interesting for your family. Join a group of executives where you can talk about business to your heart’s content.

  1. Share your calendar

Like many other entrepreneurs, I follow my calendar fairly religiously.  An early worry of mine was that I wouldn’t’ have enough people, or work to fill my diary, which is far from the case these days as its full months in advance. Again, be open and honest with your partner and share your calendar with them so that they know exactly where you are, and what you are doing. It just helps to build trust when your partner knows what your commitments are. However, don’t assume your partner is always checking your diary! It’s still really important to communicate and unforeseen or alterations in events.

5.Take breaks but be honest about how long you can check out for

Taking a break, having holidays and focusing solely on your partner is important. Nevertheless, don’t set unrealistic expectations. Don’t agree to something longer than you are comfortable with, as this sets you up for failure and, your significant other up for disappointment. Personally, I’ve found that even 2-3 days unplugged are more than enough to recharge and short but frequent breaks enables me to keep on top of everything.

6 Make your partner your main priority

I wish I had done this more.  However I probably wouldn’t be sharing this with you now if it wasn’t for my past mistakes, that led me to the path of relationship healing. Whilst you may feel that your main focus should be your business or career, if you’re with the right partner that supports you and your vision they won’t want you to do anything against what is best for the business and will support you when you need to focus. They will view your accomplishments as pivotal to them too. So it’s incredibly important to appreciate and make them your number one priority. Do this by booking in time for date nights, lie-ins and activities you can do together.

  1. Keep your relationship alive with the 4 A’s

In less than 15 minutes a day you can stay connected to your partner by following the 4 A’s

Appreciation – Everyone likes to be appreciated, give a compliment once a day and watch how closer you will become.

Attention – look them in the eye, ask them how their day was and really listen. Have times when you put your phones away.

Affection – kiss, cuddle and greet your man at least 3 times a day morning, after work, and before bed.

Admiration – We all love to be admired, especially men. Hold what you admire about them in your heart and mind. Show and tell them how much you admire their best qualities.

If you follow this, the law of attraction will be working with you to receive more of what you want in your relationship. If your home and love life is good, you will be able to focus on your business more effectively.

  1. Keep your sense of humor

Lastly, have a sense of humour about your work and the events you experience in your endeavour to be the best, and ultimately achieve success. When things go wrong, as inevitably they sometimes will, laugh about it. See the funny side and if you are worked up take some time off. Remaining good humoured can diminish stress which will keep you and your relationship happy.

Nicola Beer – Founder of the Save My Marriage Program and Pure Peace Coaching www.nicolabeer.com

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