How to STOP the Same Arguments Resurfacing and Become Closer

Are you exhausted of the same topics, issues or arguments resurfacing time and time again in your relationship?

Are you sick and tired of the emotional relationship rollercoaster you find yourself on?

If you have tried speaking to your spouse (or even tried marriage counselling) and nothing seems to be working?


If yes, you are not alone…


The problem is, the misinformation we are socialised to believe will fix our problems that never ever work.

Which of the below have your tried?


1. Making Reassurances or Excuses- saying “I’ll change” or “things will be different.”
2. Waiting for time to heal, hoping that things will get better on their own?
3. Talking about your problems again and again and going round and round in circles?

Well, it is our addiction to these strategies that never work that make things worse.


No husband or wife can accept the line I’ll change, even if they want to believe their husband or wife.

Many couples find things get even more tense, explosive or distant with time not better

Talking over the same issues again and again is exhausting, truly exhausting and doesn’t get you anywhere!

So what does work when it comes to saving relationships?


A strategy to reconnect and become close again is essential. My program of relationship recovery includes

  1. Actions to rebuild love, trust, respect and passion
  2. Tools to let go of past hurt, anger, resentment
  3. Steps to stop negativity and regret from you being close
  4. Creating a shared vision, goals and meaning for being together

Find out more about how to do these 4 steps and to know exactly what does work when it comes to falling back in love and reconnecting watch the

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STEP BY STEP I’ll Teach You EXACTLY how to ACHIEVE and IMPLEMENT changes that improve connection and communication


How can I be so certain this will work?


Because I’ve helped turn around hundreds of relationships over the space of 14 years, many of which were on the brink of divorce or had marriage counselling that failed to make things better. So I know what works and what doesn’t

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the success stories here


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From my heart to yours, Nicola

How to Save a Marriage Specialist & Founder of the Save My Marriage Program

P.S If you are wondering what the save my marriage program is let me explain…

The Save My Marriage Program is a relationship strengthening program designed as an alternative to marriage counselling. Recent case studies show that it’s twice as likely to successfully save and restore a marriage than traditional counselling. The program works well for those who set out to transform their marriage on their own, as well as for couples. It covers how to increase love, respect and trust, improve communication and connection, as well as help you individually to let go of past hurt, resentment or negativity.

It is available as a 10-week online course with full support from me, 1 to 1 online or in person consulting and in 5-star marriage retreats. To see if the program could be a fit for you – Book your FREE – SAVE MY MARRIAGE CONSULTATION now


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