HOLIDAY GIFT – Create A New Beginning


With Christmas & New Year ahead of us with all the rejoicing it is the time to let go of all old unnecessary strings to find peace, serenity and start the new year fresh and make it a great success. It can bring up a lot of pain and stress this time of year.  So I have a very special gift…


If you or someone close to you have any turbulences in life that you wish to clear, or possibly like to talk it through, I am opening 4 days of free appointments.


26th, 27th, 28th and 1st January from a place of gratitude for all the people who supported me when life was hard. Now is your time if you want to talk to someone about what is on your mind just simply get in touch.  To speak with me you can either


  1. Copy this link to book a slot on those 3 days.




  1. Add me on Skype Nicola.beer5  and message to see if I am free




3 Email me at on the day to see if there is space in person in Dubai Marina or on Skype when you need it.


From my heart to yours, Nicola


P.S Fear and loneliness led me to develop many unhelpful obsessions and addictions. What I noticed is that when we share our thoughts the power they have over us can fade. You are in a safe environment no judgment whatsoever, you have access to a confidential place to share what is on your mind. If this resonates with you, l look forward to speaking with you.


PP.S If you think this could be of interest to someone you care about – feel free to share and forward.