Save My Marriage Program 100% Money-Back Guarantee


“I specialize in a proven 10 step program to help couples increase the love, passion and happiness in their marriage in 30 days or less*…Guaranteed!”


Starting Your Coaching is RISK FREE

money back guarantee

I want you to be absolutely satisfied with your coaching experience, so I give a 100% money back guarantee…


If for any reason you don’t get the results as promised or are not completely satisfied within 90 days of the program and you made an honest effort to implement all the strategies and tools discussed, make all of the coaching calls and agreed upon accountability updates and you are STILL not satisfied or seeing results by the end of your program, I will coach you for FREE until you do … no questions asked!


Otherwise, I will return the investment you paid if you are still not getting results.


But I know it won’t happen because the programs work and I’m going to be there for you every step of the way to make sure you succeed.


It is important to acknowledge that there is no “quick fix” that will change your whole life instantly.  That is completely unrealistic.  However, breakthroughs take place in the first 30 days of the programs providing you implement the steps and within 60 days you will have made great strides forward, in 3 months a major transformation will have taken place if you keep implementing the strategies and tools provided. 


* In order to increase the love, passion and happiness within 30 days or less

you will need to complete the 10 steps on the super-fast track for 1 to 1 coaching program.


If you opt for the Private Save My Marriage Program Online the guaranteed results will be within 90 days or less. 


The guarantee is for 90 days so you are still protected. 


How to Sign Up

I don’t just take on any one who comes my way. There is a consultation process to help determine whether or not  we are a good fit for working together in this journey and whether you are ready to put in the energy, time and investment required to get the positive guaranteed results on offer. 

To book your FREE 30 minute consultation visit www.savemymarriageprogram/consult



You will be held accountable for everything you say you will do, and your marriage will benefit tremendously as a result.


Complete Confidentiality

Our working relationship will involve a level of trust and understanding about the proprietary nature of our coaching strategies and systems and confidential information from you. We guarantee a confidential business relationship with you during the course of our work together and after.


Personalized Programs

I appreciate that every marriage is different so the 10 steps are tailored to meet your culture, desires, dreams,  personality and marriage. I have worked with clients from all religious, social and economic backgrounds around the world and have a clear understanding of what strategies can work in different environments, so the program will be tailored to meet your unique relationship and offer relevant practical advice.