"10 Steps To Stop Divorce and Your Lover's Rejection - Even When Your Situation Seems Hopeless!"


Warning: If your spouse has threatened you with divorce and resolutely refuses to see a marriage counsellor, then this might be the most important letter you'll EVER read...


I'll guide you, step by step, and teach you exactly what to do to stop separation and divorce. I'll show you EXACTLY how to reconnect, rebuild trust, overcome resentment, poor communication and a sexless marriage.  Especially if you're the only one that wants to stop divorce.

December 17th, 2017


From: Nicola Beer



Dear Friend,


You are feeling confused, disappointed, frustrated and wondering if you should just give up.


Time and again you have spoken to your spouse about the problems in your marriage and nothing changes.


The same arguments keep resurfacing with neither of you are willing to compromise and no resolution in sight.


Things are starting to feel desperate and you’re scared that divorce is imminent.


You’ve tried everything you can think of to find a way to save your marriage.


You've read countless articles, researched the internet but nothing is working or improving in your marriage.


Talking to your partner only makes things worse, resulting in more blame, hostility and angry silences.


You’re seriously wondering what more YOU can do and if it's already too LATE.


You're exhausted, can't sleep or even think straight anymore.


It feels like your whole life hangs in the balance.


Your health is suffering and this situation is all consuming with no end in sight.

You keep trying the same strategies over and over and it’s this addiction that is making your 
marriage worse. It's your addiction to strategies that never work, that makes it worse...

Which of these strategies have you tried in your marriage? 

One or all of them? 




Problem #1 


We have all heard the "I'll change"  or “I've changed” line. After the second time we just don't buy into it - even if we want to, we can't. Trust, love and respect are building blocks that take time and effort, NOT meaningless words and wasted promises. 


Problem #2


When your marriage breaks down it is easy to fall into the tramp of self-blame or to blame your partner. If you keep thinking negative thoughts, you make it impossible to save your marriage.


Problem #3


No more excuses that time will fix your marriage or your partners behavior. No more false exceptions that time will heal past hurt. Most couples find things get worse over time not better. All time does is pass.It's Action within that time that counts. Act now.


Problem #4


It causes more harm than good. By going over the same problems, we cause more resentment and anger. You cannot change how someone feels about an issue. Most couples fall into the trap of trying to "TALK" their partner  into their way of thinking, which almost always fails! Even if you share in 100 different ways your perspective, their unlikely to ever agree with you and what you have done in the meantime is driven each other crazy. 

 I will tell you EXACTLY 

what you can do to AVOID divorce and have the relationship you REALLY want.


I want you to focus on steps that will bring you and your partner closer together. 

I want you to feel the love and happiness grow with every positive choice you make.

Start the Transformation Now with these 4 Steps


step 1


Learn and Rethink Your EVERY Thought So That You Create a Loving and Happy Marriage.



step 2


Let Go Of Past Resentments and Arguments. Let go of your negative spiral of Doubts and Despair. Create a Joyful Environment for Your Marriage. 




step 3


Learn to Motivate Your Spouse To Change The Way They Treat You and Create Love Appreciation, Desire and Respect For Each Other.  



step 4

 Create a Shared Vision, Goals and Purpose For Staying Together - That You're BOTH Excited About. So that the Changes Last a Life-Time Rather Than a Few Weeks or Months. 





This is only the beginning, when you follow my 10-step guaranteed system to saving your marriage, you will have the relationship you REALLY want and deserve.


How can I be so certain this will work? 
Because I've helped turn around hundreds of 
marriages, many of which were on the brink of divorce or had marriage counseling 
that failed to make things better. So I know what works and what doesn't.
Why I Care So Much about Helping You 
in Your Marriage – I am Nicola Beer


  I have worked with hundreds of couples over a space of 14 years. When these couples, that have tried every type of counselling and failed,

 started my program, they have successfully walked away with their marriage back on track and happier than ever.  


Unlike other relationships experts who come from a psycho analytical, text book background, for me, saving marriage stems from my very own personal experience. 


At age 14 my parents divorced after several years of dealing with a volatile marriage.

 The constant anger and resentment made it unbearable for them to get past their issues

 and resolve their marriage. 


Conflict, poor communication and a string of affairs finally lead to their marriage ending. 

It was a deep personal loss for me as a young adult.

 Living through this and making plenty of my own relationship mistakes, I wanted to learn the secret of keeping love, passion and happiness alive in a relationship. 


I found the answers after many years of researching, interviewing

 and learning from happily married couples what really works.


I have written in 4 International Best Selling Books and I have been featured on 

ABC, CBS, NBC,Fox News Network, Wall Street Select and Saffron Media. 

My passion is teaching individuals from all over the world to single handedly transform their marital situation. 


How I have helped others…


"Before I started working with Nicola, I was extremely unhappy about my marriage and my life at home in general. The most difficult part was the lack of closeness in the marriage. We were also under financial stress, everything seemed like a pressure cooker in the house about to explode.
If I had continued down the path I was on I would have left the marriage, my family, friends, and community due to the embarrassment.

The thing about Nicola is that she is warm, kind, understanding, compassionate, and creates a safe environment to share your most personal and guarded challenges.

The privacy to have the skype calls from your home or car, also were a great comfort to me.
My biggest insight or lesson learned during our coaching was how I can live a life by design, and instead of dragging myself down by the things that frustrate me. I started the program alone and my wife joined me a few months later, it was great to start to see changes in her.

I'd recommend Nicola to anyone who is looking to take control of their life and relationship. In the free consultation, I knew instantly she could help me. Even before that her podcasts helped me so much!"

Name: Avrohom G.
Location: Spring Valley, New York









"Before we decided to commit to the save your marriage program we tried to solve all of our issues on our own for a few weeks, but it didn't work, we kept having the same issues come up time and time again. At first my husband was reluctant because he has no free time but we both knew something had to change.
Nicola helped my husband control his anger by channelling it in different ways and also helped me to let go of past hurt for good. Things have been going great since the Skype sessions, we've become closer, laugh and chat again like we did when we first met. Nicola has heaps of knowledge about relationships and behaviour and gave us great insight as to how we can change things quickly. I'd recommend Nicola and her programs for any couple or individual who want to save their marriage but unsure how."

Name: Claire B
Location: East London


Join Save Your Marriage Program Today and YOU Will:


  • Feel happy, more appreciated and understood
  • Know how to motivate your partner to change
  • Be closer and feel like a team again rather than two individuals co-existing
  • Revive your physical intimacy and passion for each other
  • Get over old hurt and be able to leave the past behind you
  • Be irresistible to your partner, thus eliminating the problems that often lead to extramarital affairs
  • Understand the critical daily habits to keep your relationship alive and create the positive changes that last a lifetime
  • Be able to negotiate successfully and peacefully so as to avoid dispute from escalating
  • Rebuilt trust, respect and love
  • Have proven strategies to handle depression, addictions, anger and affairs


Tom and Lisa rekindled their love and passion for each other after 2 weeks of using the Save My Marriage program.


Feeling lonely, living separate lives under the same roof and only talking when they had too, Lisa and Tom started to make each other’s happiness a priority. After applying the first steps of my program they learned what they needed to do to fall back in love with each other and how to stay in love. They were able to make changes in less than 2 weeks and started loving each other's company again.


Lisa - "If I knew how effective the program would be, I wouldn't have waited 5 whole years suffering, just hoping that my husband would change.  I was hesitant because I didn't know if you could really save your marriage on your own and yet I was determined to try.  It worked so well a week later he joined me any way. I'm so pleased I took action and signed up, as goodness knows how many more years we would have wasted being miserable around each other."


Tom - "After seeing the changes in Lisa, I became curious and thought I'd at least have a session with Nicola. I liked her no-nonsense approach and the fact that we didn't have to drag up the past. It was clear the program was forward-focused, looking at the future which I agree with and so it suited me"



In 40 Days, the Save my Marriage program helped Susan and Ed become closer and happier after an affair almost tore their marriage apart.


When Susan discovered Ed's affair she was distraught, heartbroken and angry. She asked Ed to go to marriage counselling in the hope of save their relationship. She desperately wanted to understand WHY this affair had happened so they could prevent it from ever happening again.  After working on repairing and creating a new future, Susan and Ed were able to move past the affair and build a much stronger, more caring and loving marriage.


Ed - "Nicola put me at ease from our first conversation, I felt instantly comfortable to open up about what I had done and how to rectify the situation. I was unhappy with a lot of things in my life and the relationship, but never shared them before and was surprised to find that talking helped me see things more clearly and also what I needed to do to help Susan recover. I'm not proud of what I did, I’m just thankful that Susan gave me another chance and that we are so much happier now than before. "


Susan - "I was really impressed with Nicola's range of solutions to help us move forward, she helped me stop the negative inner thoughts that kept coming up and plaguing me.  She also helped Ed see what he could do to best support me and managed to get him out of his depression by focusing on the relationship rather than himself.   We’re so grateful for the guidance as I'm not sure how much longer I could have stayed trying on my own - it was painful."




Transform Your Marriage and Create a Happier Home Environment in just 10 Weeks, Guaranteed.





10 Step Program as Audio Recordings


Each week, for 10 weeks, you will receive my 10-step marriage transforming audio recordings. The sessions are on point and it will be as if I designed them for YOUR relationship.  You will learn EXACTLY WHAT to do to reconnect with your spouse to increase the love, passion and happiness. I will give you the “HOW TO”- tools to apply to your relationship.

Simply download the audio recording and listen. Listen in your car, while exercising, traveling or in the comfort of your own home. You will be amazed by what you will learn about yourself, your spouse, and your relationship. These tools are yours FOR LIFE.


The Complete Save My Marriage Program Workbook & Personal Journal


My workbook is full of insights, tips and journal entries to accompany your 10 step audio recordings. As you work through each week you will have the opportunity to read over the notes. This will support you in putting your new skills and ideas into practice. You will use a combination of assessments, assignments and exercises to apply the marriage transforming steps. Don’t worry they are quick and easy to complete.



Members Only Question & Answer Call – 30 minutes  each week for 10 weeks


That is 10 sessions, 1 per week, where you will have full access to my personal counsel. I will answer your most burning questions or discuss any issues you may have.  Again, you don't have to go anywhere. Just listen into the call via the internet at the scheduled time. Can’t make the session? No problem, simply submit your questions to me via email beforehand and listen to the recording at your convenience. Listen with your spouse or on your own, anywhere in the world. An internet connection is all it takes!




The Complete 10 Week Implementation Schedule of the How to Save Your Marriage Program.


You will receive my “Home Play” assignments to put into practise what you have read and heard.  “Home Play” is designed to establish new relationship habits that will transform the way you connect and feel. You'll be amazed at the difference in your marriage. These assignments give you a step-by-step system to strengthen your marriage with ACTION!

Members-Only Website

The members-only website gives you access to any recordings you may have missed. Everything is recorded and a simple audio file is available for you at your convenience. You can click and listen, or download them to your Ipad, iPod or phone. You choose the best time to catch up. You will never miss anything.



Rest assured you won't only learn HOW to transform your marriage - you will also learn WHY it works. I will empower you with the theory and real-life examples. You will not be a robot. You will remain authentically you. When you follow my program, I will give you the correct tools to save your marriage for a lifetime.



It is NEVER too late to save your marriage.


I stand by that. I've worked with couples who have separated for months, where one has shared that they no longer love or are attracted to their spouse or where physical, emotional or financial infidelity has taken place.  



The Big Question 




YES, you can!


It does not take two to tango…. this is a myth. Your marriage can be saved, by you taking action on your own you make up 50% and with the right attitude and intention can have an 80% plus influence.   Make the change for a happier, loving and passionate relationship.When you follow my program you will learn  how to inspire your spouse to change and they will WANT to join you on the path to happiness.


If your partner is unwilling to get help, has emotionally or physically checked out or is having an affair, this program is designed for you to achieve happiness and success by going first. One person can make the difference and single-handedly change their future! Do it today. You CAN save your marriage alone, countless men and women do this all the time.


Register today and see the change that takes place when you follow my Save My Marriage Program. It will inspire your spouse and when it does, they can join you. We will give them their own login and private group access. (AT NO EXTRA COST). Then together you can focus on rebuilding your marriage.

Over 50% of those who join the program are people who started this journey without their spouse. See what they have to say…

"I reached out to Nicola after listening to her podcast show for some time. Me and my husband were having lots of clashes over finances, our children and sex life. It was a nightmare and I thought we were beyond help, but I still loved my husband very much. He refused to get help, so I decided that I would try Nicola's save your marriage where only one person goes. After Nicola shared with me how it works and what power I have to change things, I instantly felt better.

I learnt so much about myself and what my husband was really needing. It worked so well that after a few weeks, he wanted to meet Nicola to thank her and improve our marriage further. It was the first time in our marriage that difficult conversations didn't lead to blazing rows or awkward angry silences. Nicola has a down to earth approach, great strategies and offers consistent support. We are so grateful, things keep on getting better and we have finally turned a corner, I didn't think would be possible."

 Sarah Dubai



"I was so surprised how well the strategies in the program actually worked, I read up lots before on anger, drinking and aggression and most of what I found said, you can't do anything but wait for them to want to change... but I knew if I had waited our relationship and marriage would be over.

There was so much useful information given on how to create more love, motivate your spouse, anger, problem behaviours, how to handle conflict, how to make joint decisions. It was well worth the money and time I spent for me and the children. I never thought you could save a relationship on your own before, but you can.

The only part that was difficult was fighting the voice in my head that kept on saying: "Why do I have to go first', "Why is it always me", "Why should I be kind to him when he is so difficult". Nicola really helped me with that. She made me see that, that way of thinking kills the relationship and that's what we were both doing before and why we had become so cold towards each other. We were both waiting for the other to make the effort first.

Thanks Nicola, your program changed our lives"


LET ME BE CLEAR, if this is your situation, I appreciate that you would much rather have your spouse join you in saving your marriage. I know that it’s difficult to see how you can make a difference alone. I understand that you may even think: “Why should I do it on my own?”

HERE'S THE THING, waiting for the situation to get better or to change will not work as a strategy for saving your marriage. Many people find that their relationship only gets worse when left unattended.

I have received many emails, from woman and men alike, who signed up for my program alone and made an amazing transformation in their marriage all on their own. In the end they ALL state that they wish they had joined sooner.

Do Not Be the One To Say …

"Nicola, it's too late, I shouldn't have waited to see if I could convince them to join because in that time waiting they've left completely.”

Don't short change yourself. Your relationship, love, trust, respect can be built... start building today. Don't procrastinate on something as important as your marriage. Don't wait for your spouse. Be the change you want to see in them. Lead the way! Take action and let me guide you to change your marriage today.


I know it is tough to start out on your own and as a show of support I give you a Special Bonus, Question & Answer Session that has specific tips on how to motivate your spouse to take steps to change your marriage together. I will be there to answer your most pressing questions and guide you every step of the way.
"I couldn't believe how fast John changed when I followed the habits, I got him to open up for the first time in years.  I've never felt so close to him. I am so pleased for the sake of our children too. They get to see a happy marriage rather than a distant cold one or a broken one" Rita




Audio Recording – “Infidelity Exclusive - How to Ruin or Recover from an Affair and Affair-Proof Your Marriage”
$2000 Value Free when you sign up

My two-part audio recording covers what to do if your spouse is having an affair and how to ruin it. It includes exclusive material on how to recover from an affair, rebuild respect and trust.  I deal with the question “What if I am attracted to someone else?” and I give you the 4 important steps to affair-proof your marriage.



Audio Recording – “Protecting Your Marriage from Angry Outbursts and Angry Silences”
$1500 Value Free when you sign up

Protecting your marriage from anger is highly important. I will explain what triggers anger, the early warning signs, why we hold onto it and the 4 crucial steps to manage anger effectively. These steps include channelling your anger in different ways and what action to take when your temper flares. If you or your spouse end up in fits of rage, you WILL know what to do to calm the situation and protect your marriage.



Online Private Community Support Group
$500 Value FREE when you sign up

Gain instant access to one of the two private community support groups (one for men and one for women). Here you post your marriage questions to the group, share stories and ask for guidance. It is a safe place to privately learn from each other, share tips and advice. Here you will find support in a caring, friendly environment.

INSTANT ACCESS – Sign up right now and receive even more!



Private 1-on-1, 30-minute Session with me, Nicola Beer
$250 Value FREE when  you sign up by 3rd November 

Speak to me in private, at the end of the program. I will answer any remaining questions you may have. I am your very own personal marriage counsellor and I WILL hold you accountable to your goals. Your session is conducted via Skype or Zoom and will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time in the last two weeks of the program.

Your Marriage is Worth More Than Money!


Do you expect to pay a small fortune for a program that is proven to STOP DIVORCE?
You are correct! My 10 step guaranteed program is WORTH far more than the cost of NOT saving your marriage -  emotionally and financially.


WHEN YOU join the save the marriage program this is what you will get



Membership to the Save My Marriage Program


The Complete 10 Steps to Save My Marriage in Audio Format ($6000 value)


The Complete Save My Marriage Workbook and Personal Journal ($1000 value)


The 10 Week Implementation Schedule ($1000 value)


10 Private Question and Answer Calls for Members only ($6000 value)


Members Only Web Site Access and Private Online Community


The Love, Passion and Happiness your marriage deserves


Sign up before November 3rd 2016  and receive a 30 Minute,
Private 1-on-1 Call with Nicola Beer ($1000 value)

And don’t forget our Bonus Material.

Exclusive Audio Recording- How to Ruin and Recover from an Affair and Affair Proof Your Marriage ($2000 Value)

Protecting Your Marriage from Angry Outbursts and Angry Silences ($1500 Value)

Online accesses to All the recorded Q&A sessions

TOTAL VALUE: $18,500

Only $997  for 10 Weeks Support, Training,
Coaching, and Masterminding!

Choose Your Payment Option Below:

$997 Full Payment

4 x Installments of $297  - 1 paid immediately and then 3 more monthly payments

Limited Offer!

I want to ensure that you get the support and marriage you deserve, so for each program I only take on a limited number of participants. The spaces are available on a first come, first service basis. The program starts on the 21 November and will not be available at this SPECIAL OFFER PRICE again. To avoid disappointment, SIGN UP today.



and Receive a FREE Hypnotherapy Audio

Renew Your Marriage – Make it Loving, Happy and Fulfilling

It has been researched and proven that almost 80% of our reactions are directed by the subconscious mind and beliefs. My powerful recording will enable you to change your subconscious thoughts to maintain your conscious efforts at renewing your marriage and making it loving, happy and fulfilling.


100% Money-Back Guarantee


Your satisfaction and marriage is of utmost important and I want the best results for you. I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to implement all the strategies and tools provided and you don’t get the results as promised within 90 days of the program, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. But I know it won't happen because the program works and I'm going to be there for you every step of the way to make sure you succeed.

Consider what your marital frustration and disappointment is costing you. NOT in monetary form but in emotional pain, the sleepless nights, and the stress. Your marriage rather than being a source of happiness, is draining you of energy and life. You have to do something to change it.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."




Click on the button below and you will enter my secure order page. Enter your credit card information. We use a third party secure processing company, PayPal, ensuring that your information is kept completely confidential. ONLY the processing company and credit card company has access to your information.

Your order is processed IMMEDIATELY. Upon confirmation of payment you will receive your receipt under the name of Zafira Consulting. VERY IMPORTANT – The receipt contains your transaction number and a link with all the instructions on how to get started transforming your marriage. The process only takes a few minutes and you'll be able to download your bonus items RIGHT AWAY. Use this information to gain insight into your marriage and apply my strategies NOW to save your marriage.

Choose Your Payment Option Below:

$997 Full Payment

4 x Installments of $297 - 1 payment immediately and then another 3 monthly payments 

 REGISTER TODAY and take the first step to saving your marriage. If you have any doubts at this stage, please email me with your questions – Nicola@purepeacecoaching.com and I will answer them with pleasure.


“We regret the things we don't do, more than the things we do.”


If you keep doing the same thing, you are going to have the same marriage problems.
Change your situation, learn new ways to deal with conflict, issues or being disconnected from each other. You need to shift what you're doing to make things different. Through knowledge comes power.

And if you don't, you will look back and regret not giving changing a chance. You will wonder how your marriage could have been different if you had simply acquired the right guidance at the right time. This is the time. I am here to guide you and show you exactly how to save your marriage and avoid divorce.

From my heart to yours, Nicola 


P.S CONGRATULATIONS! you have made it this far. It means that you want to change your marriage. You have not lost hope. Acknowledgment is the first step, now take the next step and reserve your spot. Spaces are limited to ensure my utmost commitment to saving your marriage. Don’t wait.

And if you make your payment before the 3rd November 2016, I can connect and support you privately in our 1-on-1 session.


STILL DOUBTING? STOP - Register now. Send me an email (Nicola@purepeacecoaching.com), add “BONUS” and your order number in the subject line and receive your FREE copy of my Forgive Your Spouse and Let Go of Past Hurt - Powerful and Relaxing hypnotherapy  Audio. Designed to lift you up and remove any obstacles to having a loving and fulfilling marriage. Don't delay your happiness another minute. Reserve your spot today!