Avrohom was extremely unhappy about his marriage and life in general but now lives his life by design


"Before I started working with Nicola, I was extremely unhappy about my marriage and my life at home in general.
The most difficult part was the lack of closeness in the marriage. We were also under financial stress, everything seemed like a pressure cooker in the house about to explode.

If I had continued down the path I was on I would have left the marriage, my family, friends, and community due to the embarrassment. The thing about Nicola is that she is warm, kind, understanding, compassionate, and creates a safe environment to share your most personal and guarded challenges. The privacy to have the skype calls from your home or car, also were a great comfort to me.    

 My biggest insight or lesson learned during our coaching was how I can live a life by design, and instead of dragging myself down by the things that frustrate me. I started the program alone and my wife joined me a few months later, it was great to start to see changes in her.   

I'd recommend Nicola to anyone who is looking to take control of their life and relationship.  In the free consultation, I knew instantly she could help me. Even before that her podcasts helped me so much!" 


Name Avrohom G.

Location Spring Valley, New York

Contact Details  http://www.simiplex.com


In 10 hours - 2 days Home Visit Rebecca and Liam became Lovers and Best Friends Again

“Thank you Nicola we were surprised how 10 hours made such a difference. It was a life changing weekend for us both. We became lovers and best friends again. "


Rebecca and Liam, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"It's 6 months on and were the happiest we have ever been"


"Nicola, I still can't believe how happy and close we have become since your program. You saved my marriage and prevented our children from having divorced parents. As you know, I turned to you as a last resort after marriage counselling was making things worse. Before we kept bringing up our past issues and felt more annoyed and angrier after each session. Your program taught me how to actually change things rather than just talking about the problems.  I followed your program and watched my husband completely change in a matter of weeks. So grateful, I know I thanked you at the time, but it's 6 months on and we're the happiest we have ever been.
Donna, United Kingdom

Lisa and Tom Rekindled Their Love And Passion In Less Than 2 Weeks After 5 Years of Poor Communication in their 16 Year Marriage

"If I knew how effective the program would be, I wouldn't have waited 5 whole years suffering, just hoping that my husband would change. I was hesitant because I didn't know if you could really save your marriage on your own and yet I was determined to try. It worked so well a week later he joined me any way. I'm so pleased I took action and signed up, as goodness knows how many more years we would have wasted being miserable around each other."  Lisa

Tom "After seeing the changes in Lisa, I became curious and thought I'd at least have a session with Nicola. I liked her no-nonsense approach and the fact that we didn't have to drag up the past. It was clear the program was forward-focused, looking at the future which I agree with and so it suited me"

"Things have been going great since the Skype sessions, we've become closer, laugh and chat again like we did when we first met."

"After our Free Save My Marriage Consultation with Nicola and before we decided to commit to the save your marriage  program we tried to solve all of our issues on our own. But it didn't work, we kept having the same issues come up time and time again. At first my husband was reluctant because he has no free time but  we both knew something had to change. Nicola helped my husband control his anger by channelling it in different ways and also helped me to let go of past hurt for good.  Things have been going great since the Skype sessions, we've become closer, laugh and chat again like we did when we first met. The thing about Nicola is she has heaps of knowledge about relationships and behaviour and gave us great insight as to how we can change things quickly. I'd recommend Nicola and her programs for any couple or individual who want to save their marriage but unsure how." 

Name Claire B

Location East London

Linda Single-Handedly Saved Her Marriage & Transformed Resentment Into Love in Less than 45 Days

"I was so surprised how well the strategies in the program  actually worked, I read up lots before on anger, drinking and aggression and most of what I found said , you can't do anything but wait for them to want to  change... but I knew if I had waited our relationship and  marriage would be over.

 There was so much useful  information given on how to create more love, motivate your spouse, anger,  problem behaviours, how to handle conflict, how to make joint decisions. It was well worth the money  and time I spent for me and the children. I'd never of thought you could save a relationship on your own before, but you can.

The only part that was difficult was fighting the voice in my head that kept on saying "why do I have to go first'  "why is it always me" "why should I be kind to him when he is so difficult" Nicola really helped me with that to see that, that way of thinking kills the relationship. We were both guilty of doing that before and why we had become so cold towards each other. We were in a deadlock waiting for the other to change first. Thanks Nicola, your program changed our lives"

In Less Than 2 Weeks Majed and Abeer Let Go of Resentment and Enjoyed Each Other's Company Again

“We enjoyed learning more about each other's needs and how best to meet them. Before the coaching we kept arguing over the same things again and again.  We both became so frustrated that we just avoided talking and each other - all together.  Nicola helped us to move forward and better understand what was holding us back - resentment. We now appreciate and respect each other more from her tools to let things go and shift our thinking. In less than 2 weeks we noticed a real difference when spending time together. We are generally more relaxed and happy. The home environment is also much better for our children.

Majed and Abeer, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Susan and Ed became closer and happier,  after the affair in less than 40 Days.

"I was really impressed with Nicola's range of solutions to help us move forward, she helped me stop the negative inner thoughts that kept coming up and plaguing me.  She also helped Ed see what he could do to best support me and managed to get him out of his depression and  focusing on himself rather than the relationship.  Were so grateful for the  guidance as I'm not sure how much longer I could have stayed trying on my own - it was painful."  Susan

"Nicola put me at ease from our first conversation, I felt instantly comfortable to open up about what I had done and how to rectify the situation. I was un happy with a lot of things in my life and the relationship, but never shared them before and  was surprised to find that talking helped me see things more clearly. Nicola also gave me a clear idea of what  I needed to do to help  Susan recover. I'm not proud of what I did,  I'm just thankful  that Susan gave me another chance. We are so much happier now than before with the tension in the house gone. " Ed

Susan and Ed, New York USA


"The building blocks and tools...resulted in less conflict, peace of mind, enhanced focus, higher confidence, and ultimately a closer relationship."

Before I started working with Nicola ... I was not happy about how I felt about my marital relationship. The most difficult part was communicating my emotional needs and sharing how I felt. As a result, I shut down and refused to meet my spouse's emotional needs. If I had continued down the path I was on, I would have terminated any communication and we most would be divorced.

The best thing about Nicola is that she has seen this all before. She is a great listener. My biggest insight during our coaching was her ability to relate to my problems. And this was valuable because during our conversations, I was never made to feel abnormal or even different. My problems were very normal, very common. If I had to measure the results I'd say I gained the building blocks to analyse my relationship, my feelings, and my spousal's emotions, needs, expectations. These building blocks and tools resulted over time in less conflict, peace of mind, enhanced focus, higher confidence, and ultimately a closer relationship. I'd recommend Nicola to anyone who faces anxiety caused by their relationship.

T.N Expat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It was the first time in our marriage that difficult conversations didn't lead to blazing rows or awkward angry silences.

I reached out to Nicola after listening to her podcast show for some time. Me and my husband were having lots of clashes over finances, our children and sex life. It was a nightmare and I thought we were beyond help, but I still loved my husband very much. He refused to get help, so I decided that I would try Nicola's save your marriage where only one person goes. After Nicola shared with me how it works and what power I have to change things, I instantly felt better.

I learnt so much about myself and what my husband was really needing. It worked so well that after a few weeks, he wanted to meet Nicola to thank her and improve our marriage further. It was the first time in our marriage that difficult conversations didn't lead to blazing rows or awkward angry silences. Nicola has a down to earth approach, great strategies and offers consistent support. We are so grateful, things keep on getting better and we have finally turned a corner that I didn't think would be possible.

Sarah Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE

The VIP couples Ultimate Marriage Connecter retreat was perfect for us both...we couldn't believe how close we felt in just 2 days.

The VIP couples Ultimate Marriage Connecter retreat was perfect for us both. Having tried marriage counselling before and neither of us finding it helpful, I said that any form of support is a waste of time. However as Nicola’s approach seemed totally different focused on the future and was 2 days in a good beach resort, we figured it was worth trying. We both felt at ease talking to Nicola and really learned a lot about each other and about myself. It's rare to take the time out to think about your life, what you want now and in the future.  Setting and agreeing on actions for us to take was really beneficial. We couldn't believe how close we felt in just 2 days.

Pierre,  Expat in Bahrain from Paris, France

Hours from Divorce, Ahmed and Sara managed to overcome their financial conflicts and become friends again in just 2 weeks.


"I was skeptical to even try marriage counseling again after it failed the first time and we felt worse not better. Plus I've been brought up to believe that you should always keep your problems to yourself and handle them on your own. But I was not willing to let Sara and my children leave, you have to fight for what you want and be willing to change. In just one session  we had agreed a way forward and then could start the online program and work on the relationship together. As soon as we started implementing the steps - we start enjoying being around each other again. This was a big change from before"  Ahmed


"I never thought it was possible for Ahmed to change but Nicola's approach was really effective, she took us away from the fighting to explore the impact it was having on our life, relationship and self esteem. Seeing Ahmed's willingness to change and do the 10week online program with me made a huge difference. I was surprised at how quickly my respect, love and admiration for him changed. I am pleased to say the tension has gone, we no longer argue over money all the time. We now focus on spending time together and with our beautiful children - like a real family should do."   Sara

Ahmed and Sara Doha, Qatar